Privacy Notice For Facebook Fan Page Salescode
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I. Overview

The following privacy notice is intended to inform you about the processing of personal data (hereinafter “Data”) on Facebook fan page “Salescode” (hereinafter “Facebook Page” or “Page”) by Salescode and advise you of information published by Facebook relating to the processing of personal data by Facebook.

Personal data is information that can be directly or indirectly attributed to you. In accordance with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation  (hereinafter referred to as the “Data Protection Regulation" or “GDPR”), you have various rights that you can assert against Salescode and/or Facebook. Kindly note that any capitalized terms used in this privacy notice but not defined herein shall have the meaning set forth in Art. 4 of GDPR.  If you have any questions about this privacy statement, you can always contact Salescode Data Protection Officer. You can find the contact details below.

II. Responsibilities

Salescode GmbH and affiliated enterprises of the Salescode group (hereinafter “Salescode” or “We”)

Sulzbacher Straße 9
DE - 90489 Nuremberg

Telephone: +49 911 4777-266-00

CEO: Thomas Kaschner
Chairman: Ralph Koczwara

Contact Salescode Data Protection Officer at:

Jointly Responsible for this Facebook Page is:
Meta Platforms Ireland Limited. (hereinafter “Facebook” or “Social Media Service Provider”)
4 Grand Canal Square
Grand Canal Harbour
Dublin 2, Ireland

Contact Facebook Data Protection Officer via the following link:

The Facebook fan page "Salescode" is part of the online platform operated by Facebook at Salescode is responsible for the content published and shared on the Facebook Page. More specifically, designated employees of Salescode marketing and communication department are entrusted with the daily administration and operation of the Facebook Page. Salescode does not operate the servers on which the content of this page and the related communications are stored and processed. The servers for the Facebook platform (including the Facebook fan page "Salescode") are exclusively operated by Facebook. The categories of personal data processed by Facebook, the associated purposes and the legal basis for the processing of your personal data by Facebook are described in the Facebook Privacy Policy at: Salescode does not have any influence on the content provided in the Facebook Privacy Policy.

III. Processing of data by Salescode

If you are registered with Facebook, you can send us a message via the “Message” function. Such messages are invisible to other Facebook users. You can also comment on a post published in our Page. We process the personal data contained in a message or comment (actual content of the message/comment and username) as provided by yourself to Salescode exclusively in order to respond to your inquiry and provide support. The legal bases for such processing are the legitimate interest of Salescode to communicate with users of the Page based on Art. 6 (1) f) of the Data Protection Regulation and the consent of the data subject based on Art. 6(1) a) of the Data Protection Regulation. Salescode has a legitimate interest to build and maintain an online community with interested users via its Facebook Fan page where it can effectively communicate to them company's news and keep them engaged with content of interest such as company’s culture and core values and information on the services provided by Salescode. Insofar as you wish to enter into a contractual relationship with Salescode with your inquiry, the legal basis for such processing is Art. 6 (1) b) of the Data Protection Regulation.

Personal data which have been communicated to us via the “Message” function are only saved until the purpose for which they have been entrusted to us has been fulfilled and no other grounds exist to entitle or oblige us to keep the said message (e.g. statutory obligations to retain records).

We are not cognizant of the manner in which messages sent to Salescode are analyzed, interpreted or otherwise processed by Facebook. In this regard, we refer you to the information provided in the section “Processing of data by Facebook” of this Privacy Notice.

Salescode also utilizes the aggregated statistical information relating to the use of the Facebook page that Facebook makes available via the “Facebook Insights” function for the purpose of understanding the performance and reach of the Page and for business analytics purposes. The legal basis for such processing is the legitimate interest of Salescode to evaluate and improve the reach of the Page [Art. 6 (1) f) of the Data Protection Regulation]. When you visit our Facebook page, certain data relating to your visit – which may include personal data – will be transferred to, and processed by, Facebook, including information  collected for providing the “Facebook Insights” function, e.g. via placement of certain cookies. On account of this, Salescode and Facebook may be regarded as Joint Controllers in respect of this data and the terms of use agreed between Salescode and Facebook have been complemented by a so-called joint controller agreement in order to comply with applicable data privacy law. This joint controller agreement is available at Further details on Facebook Insights can be found in the section “Processing of data by Facebook”.

Over and above the processing of personal data as set out in this section, Salescode exercises no influence on the processing of personal data in connection with your use of our Facebook page. We would point out that you make use of this Facebook page and its function on your own responsibility. This applies in particular to the use of interactive functions (e.g. comment, share, rate). You can find further information below in the section “Processing of data by Facebook”

IV. Processing of data by Facebook

Facebook processes your personal data when you visit our Page. For more information on what kinds of personal data Facebook processes and on what data protection rights you have against Facebook please see Facebook’s privacy notice referred to above. We have no influence on Facebook’s data processing. When you visit our Facebook page whether you are a registered user or not, Facebook processes details including but not limited to your IP address, which is directed to Facebook via Cookies on your terminal device. Among other purposes, information collected through cookies is used to supply Salescode, as the operator of the Facebook page, with aggregated statistical information about the reach and performance of the Facebook page. Facebook provides further details on this via the following link: Facebook’s Cookie policies may be found at:

Moreover, on our website we use the so-called Facebook plug-in, an embedded link to our Facebook page. When using the plugin, your internet browser creates a direct connection to the respective Social media service provider’ server. This way, Facebook receives the information that your internet browser accessed from our website - even if you do not have a user account with Facebook or are currently not logged into your account. Log files (including the IP address) are, in this case, directly transmitted from your internet browser to a server of Facebook and might be stored there. The provider or its server may be located outside the EU or the EEA (e.g. in the USA). The Facebook plugin is standalone extension by the social media service provider. Therefore, we are unable to influence the scope of data collected and stored by Facebook. To find an overview over Facebook's plugins and their appearance click here:

The data relating to you that is gathered and processed by Facebook can under certain circumstances be transferred to countries outside the European Union. Facebook provides further details on international data transfers and how an adequate level of data protection is ensured via the following link:

V. Rights of the data subject

In accordance with the Data Protection Regulation, you have the following rights in relation to your Data:

  • Right to information pursuant to Articles 13 and/or 14 of GDPR
  • Right of access to information under Article 15 of GDPR
  • Right to rectification under Article 16 of GDPR
  • Right to erasure under Article 17 of GDPR
  • Right to restriction of processing under Article 18 of GDPR
  • Right to data portability under Article 20 of GDPR
  • Right to lodge a complaint with a data protection supervisory authority under Article 77 of GDPR
  • Right to object at any time under Article 21 of GDPR
  • Right to withdraw consent at any time under Article 7(3) of GDPR

VI. Conclusion

Protecting your personal data is our highest priority. This is why the compliance with applicable regulations concerning data protection is self-explanatory for us. We ensure the confidentiality and security of your personal data by:

  • Specifically designating employees of the company’s Marketing and Communication Department to operate and administer the Facebook fan page. Thus, access to your Data have only designated employees according to their job function on a need to know basis to carry out their daily tasks. Any personal data collected by Salescode as described above is deleted if the retention of such data is no longer necessary for the fulfillment of purposes as defined above. Employees responsible for operating the Facebook fan pages make sure that personal data are only stored for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose of processing as described above.
  • Establishing that all employees are bound by a confidentiality obligation.
  • Ensuring that the technical and organizational measures that are in place to safeguard your Data correspond with the current state of the art.