What makes us unique

Salescode scales successful sales teams globally faster than anybody else.

We sell for the software industry, providing tailor-made sales outsourcing services along the entire sales cycle on a global scale. More than 4000 of our experts worldwide provide services based on our cutting-edge industrialized business framework to outperform customer expectations and drive their revenue.

Software industry focus

We specialized in selling for the software industry.

We provide sales services for revenue expansion of existing products and shifting customers to new subscription-based services.


Our expertise is coded

Our software industry expertise is built into a cutting-edge business framework: The Salescode Engine.

It enables us to scale sales teams globally faster than anybody else, guiding sales teams to maximized performance, simultaneously ensuring exceptional quality and revenue with all relevant data points with predective analytics and in real time.


Paid for performance

We have confidence in the results we achieve.

This is why we work on a risk-sharing basis. We strongly believe,  in a true partnership both parties have skin in the game. Even when it is bold, once we commit – we deliver.


The Salescode Engine modules

Our Salescode engine’s modules cover all aspects of sales management and the specific customer sales journey. It combines decates of experience in creating and driving sales teams across all go-to-markets, geographies, cultures and industries. It is coded as backbone into our organizations and indsutrializes the way how we work to minimize risks for you but maximizing the results.

The transition module provides an endlessly tested and proven workflow, guiding our team of senior project and transitition managers and global sales teams through the process of due dilligence, best practice sharing, ses process definition and implementation of all of it, getting them ready for the go-live of an implementation or transition of an existing customer team or completly new sales team.

  • You get a smooth go-live with an ontime start date
  • You get the outstanding customer satisfaction and experience with above average sales results right from the start
  • You get all learnings which are built-in from the deployments of the last 20 years.

The learning and development module Is an agile and adaptive process developed by Salescode that focuses on learning solutions that shares a vested interest in quick adoption and success with our customers.

It is designed to be creative and adaptive by avoiding the inherent flaws of traditional outsourcing.

  • You get a higher team retention rate.
  • You get tailored trainings for your specific software products, processes, and markets.
  • You get increased customer satisfaction.
  • You get a more scalable and cost-efficient onboarding.

The workflow module guides the sales agent through the defined sales process. It ensures compliance to the process we established and compliance to our best practices. The sales teams see only the information needed in the respective moment, enriched by relevant information to pursue the sales conversation for maximzed conversion.

  • You get customized sales processes per country, software product or market with the guarantee of compliance
  • You get the highest possible level of process compliance
  • You get process automation wherever possible, which leads to higher efficiency and optimized cost of sales


The talent module lines up a workflow, guiding the sales manager and global recruiting teams through the process to hire top talents for our customers.

It assures the best sales talents as team members fitting to our customers solutions at the right time and all countries in scope. It ensures a mix of senior and experienced sales talents, diversity  and fit to our customers company culture.

  • You get talent hiring with full speed, specific to your project’s requirements and needed roles


The performance module allows the sales manager to monitor and improve the sales performance metrics and key performance indicators in real-time. Our systems leveraging predictive analytics to indicate sales and performance opportunities in advance. It gives the sales manager a 360° view on its sales teams from all aspects.
It guides the Sales Manager throughout the ideal day of a manager while measuring individual contributor performance, regular 1to1, indivudal contribuator coaching sessions and development opportunties.

  • You get better sales results while optimizing your return of investment.
  • You get outstanding customer experience for your prospects, customers and partners.

The People lifecycle module combines all HR relevant information for the sales manager. It gives important informations and conclusions to the sales managers about their teams to manage, retain and develop top performance sustainably.

  • You get optimized protection of your investment as top talent is retained as long as possible
  • You get a continuously developing team, which leads to higher sales results hence higher return of investment
  • You get a central care for all global team members with reduced effort but maximized results

The Decision module gives sales managers combines all performance, sales, learning and development and HR related data in one view with suggestions for action, enabling immediate decisions based on our experience, industry standards and predective analyicts. It aint get faster!

  • You get continuously improved revenue
  • You get continuously improved costs of sales
  • You get continuously improved customer experience

The API module allows to connect our Salescode Engine to any of your CRM's or tools ensuring a real-time data exchange and consideration.

  • 100% syncronized data in your systems and ours

The Field Sales  module is an enhanced service offering using the expertise of our mothercompany Hemmersbach, the leader in cross boarder technical field service management. In this module we allow to  steer field sales team effectivelyand to integrate them into the entire sales ecosystem incl. sales process workflow and compliance.

  • You get customized sales processes per country, software product or market.
  • You get the highest possible level of process compliance.
  • You get real-time visibility of all actions and results.

The Invoicing module enables our customers to localize their offering to any market in the world by offering invoicing in any currency that is required for their software products.

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