#casestudy7 Transforming Sales after COVID
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What does the company do?

We have helped many clients manage this transition they range from large scale companies providing digital identity and secure access management, to start-ups providing unique cloud based applications.

What was the challenge to solve?

Within many organizations, sales has often been led F2F with the sales team sitting at the table with the customer. As we know COVID changed all of that. Businesses had to shift to virtual selling and the trend is here to stay. The challenge is how adjust the sales process and transition customers while maintaining fast growth and removing the transition risk.

How did we solve their challenges?

While this challenge is not new to us we look at each engagement with a fresh set of eyes and through the eyes of our client.

First, we worked with our clients to understand their overall objectives and their market. We then conducted sales & operations capability assessments and combined these findings with the revenue goals to prioritize the roadmap.

With this roadmap, we helped to guide the client in implementing the actions to reach the objectives fully inclusive of processes, tools, and most importantly people.

After working with Salescode on our sales process during the first phase of our geographic expansion plans – we immediately saw an improvement in the revenue velocity of our sales team. Having Salescode as our trusted consulting partner helped us to remove the risks we were facing. Phase two is now in motion and on track! 

—Regional Channel Sales Director

What we achieved

  • We helped our clients re-evaluate and optimize sales engagement and cost of sales.  This helped to free-up investment for growth in new markets.
  • In most cases, as the sales model was adjusted, we took ownership to create or modify the sales tools ensuring  alignment with the new sales process.
  • For some clients this included a full shift to inside sales. This decreased the overall cost of sales while increasing customer engagement.
  • Other clients revised their direct and channel go to market structure further optimizing customer growth.

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