Say goodbye to upfront costs and hello to results-driven partnership

Our 100% pay-for-performance model eliminates the need for upfront commitments or risks for our clients. Whether it's lead generation, end-to-end sales motions, or any other sales-related services, we are committed to delivering results before receiving any payment.

Salescode's Performance-Based Approach

Salescode's performance-based model eliminates these risks. Here's how it works:

No Required Budget
Clients do not pay any entry costs or fixed retainers to deploy the sales team.

Results-Driven Compensation
Salescode is only compensated when the expected results are delivered, and incremental revenue is generated through their sales efforts.

How the Model Works

Engage & Pitch: Tech companies pitch their solutions and growth ambitions to Salescode.

Sales Approach Development: Salescode works with the client to understand their ideal customer profile (ICP) and available historical data to decide on the next steps.

Business Case and Contract: Together, they create a business case, define a commercial model, finalize the initial team setup, and sign a contract.

Implementation: Salescode handles hiring, onboarding, and deploying the sales team, integrating them into their specialized sales operations.

Execution and Management: After a joint training period, the sales team goes live, with Salescode managing daily activities, people development, and ensuring achievements.

Here are some frequently asked questions

It's a partnership approach where our clients pay us only when revenue is generated based on our sales activities. Hence we are participating in the generated revenue of our acquired or referred customers.

Clients have no financial risk as they pay only when incremental revenue is generated, ensuring a direct correlation between investment and revenue.

We mainly focus on companies offering 'X as a service' solutions, however this model can be beneficial for all B2B Tech and IT companies, including e.g. hardware or digital business service.

We operate on a 100% commission basis, receiving compensation solely from revenue generated through deals we refer or close.

We invest heavily in our clients' growth, be it to grow in existing markets or to expand globally. We ramp-up, deploy the needed sales organization, and carry the full investment.

We provide all types of services along the B2B Direct Sales GtM, from Lead Generation up to End-to-End Sales Eco-Systems. We tailor our solution to the customer’s current need and integrate the sales team into our specialized sales operations

Unlike traditional models with upfront und fixed costs, our 100% Pay-for-Performance Model is shifting the financial risk from the customer to us, fostering a mutually long-term strategic sales relationship.

Our commitment to being paid solely based on our performance demonstrates our confidence and dedication to driving results for our clients

Of course, Salescode is keen to invest further into a successful partnership and expand its responsibilities, whether it be providing additional services or increasing ownership within the sales process.

Simply reach out to us and discuss with our sales experts how we can jointly achieve your growth ambitions.


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