B2B Direct Sales

Our business-to-business (B2B) direct sales solutions span the entire customer sales cycle. We support our partners with demand generation and lead management to opportunity development and closing, customer success management and retention, and holistic management of the entire customer sales lifecycle.

To bring your Tech and SaaS solution to the market we mutually analyze and evaluate your pain points. We will define on how to increase your customer portfolio, by conducting following for you:


Demand management efforts to attract new prospects and generate new opportunities

End-customer acquisition to expand the share of wallet in existing markets and segments

Expand your footprint into new geographies

Manage your existing customer relationships, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty to increase customer value, renewal services, and cross and upselling.

Our services along the entire B2B direct sales cycle

B2B Direct Sales Cycle Graph

Enter new markets or further explore and develop existing markets to gain incremental market share: target specific industries and customer segments with tailor-made outbound sales strategies. Maximize the ROI of your marketing investments with tailor-made inbound sales strategies. Ensure success and stability of your customer base by having us help you manage customer relationships. We drive the adoption of your solutions, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty, whilst growing share of wallet for your solutions. We ensure to manage renewals correctly and timely to secure a sustainable continuation of your revenue streams.

With Salescode, anything in the B2B direct sales world is possible. 

Demand management

Identifying & Hunting → Engaging & Creating value

Generate incremental demand for your solutions by having Salescode deliver qualified opportunities, meetings, or demos.  Those will open the doors for your company and initiate the sales cycle, while your sellers focus on high-value opportunities and direct revenue-generating sales activities. Optimizing the focus of your salesforce will increase your ROI and lead to greater productivity, efficiency and performance.

The most common demand generation & lead management solution is to deploy a Business Development Representative (BDR) or Sales Development Representative (SDR). They will engage with your existing customers and/or prospects via inbound and/or outbound sales motions, to evaluate and qualify:

  • Current and future customer/prospect needs
  • Allocated budget
  • Designated or desired time frame
  • Decision making power
  • Other criteria based on your individual assessment

As a result, a demo or meeting is scheduled with your salesperson, who then moves forward with the conversation initiated by the BDR or SDR.

Deal closing

Pursue & Develop → Negotiate & Win

In companies where fulfilling the sales process distributes across multiple sales functions such as:

  • BDRs or SDRs responsible for demand generation,
  • Sales representatives responsible for deal development and closing
  • And customer success managers and renewals representatives responsible for after-sales and renewals,

a clear structure and allocation of responsibilities is vital to succeed and foster a positive customer experience.

The most common Deal Development & Closing solution deploys an Inside Sales Representative (ISR) or Account Executive (AE) collaborating closely with a BDR/SDR to develop further opportunities identified during the demand generation phase. The goal of this function is to generate revenue.

Inside sales

Identifying & Hunting → Engaging & Creating value → Pursue & Develop → Negotiate & Win

  • Demand Generation,
  • to Demand Management
  • over Deal Development
  • and ultimately Deal Closing.

Whether you are looking to enter new geographies or customer segments, launch a new product or upgrade to your existing portfolio, focus on competitive displacements, benchmark your internal sales organization, realize cost optimizations, and more – we have got you covered.

Customer success

Nurture & Upsell

Winning new customers is only the first step on your journey to success. The next step is to ensure the successful adoption of your solutions. You want to maximize the value of your customers' investments to secure their continuation with your company. With this the opportunity to expand further rises also – upsell and cross-sell other solutions in your portfolio – thus increasing your customers' share of wallet.

The most common Customer Success solution deploys a Customer Success Manager (CSM).A CSM is closely collaborating with your customers and internal departments. This function aims to drive the successful adoption of your solutions and generate incremental revenue.

License service renewal


To predict your future revenue streams, securing renewals at the right time is of crucial importance.

The most common License/Service Renewal solution deploys a Renewal Representative (RR) closely collaborating with your customers and internal departments, proactively engaging in renewal conversations, and identifying any potential fraudulent/non-compliant usage of your solutions. The goal of this function is to maintain your recurring revenue streams.

Customer life cycle management

Identifying & Hunting → Engaging & Creating value → Pursue & Develop → Negotiate & Win → Nurture & Upsell (tile) → Renewal

 If your business needs help with customer acquisition, retention and growth in specific markets, we are ready to support with a fully managed end-to-end Customer Lifecycle Management solution.

Our most common Customer Lifecycle Management solution deploys a Customer Lifecycle Manager (CLM), fully managing the success of assigned markets. This function aims to acquire, retain, maintain and grow your customer base. Upon necessity, also the off-boarding of specific customers can be conducted & managed.

B2B Direct Sales Consulting

Our individual expertise gathered over the years and our focus on B2B direct sales have equipped us with great expertise as well as first-hand experience across many industries, customer segments and solutions. Drawn from our learnings, combined with industry insights and best practices, we are well prepared to help you design the best Go-To-Market strategy for your company and solutions.

The Salescode Direct Sales Consulting solution starts with an evaluation of your current sales organization setup and strategy, sales process structure as well as efficiency and tools deployed along the sales process. The next step consists of designing a GTM strategy, fully aligned with your company vision and goals, tailored to meet even your most challenging demands.

B2B direct sales cycle steps

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