Channel Sales

We boost your revenue by engaging in the indirect marketing route with resellers, distributors, and value-added providers. From partner acquisition over enablement to activation and growth.

Channel sales allows you to reduce costs in your sales process, boost sales quickly, and expand into new markets rapidly.

Our services to build your partner ecosystem

At Salescode, we support you in defining a tailor-made channel sales strategy, to boost the revenue generated through your channel partners. Furthermore, we can help your channel sales organization by providing partner hunting, onboarding, and managing partner services to the channel consultancy.

Partner hunting

Describes the process of prospecting, negotiating, and launching multiple partnerships. We engage with partners to help them grow offerings across their targeted channels. Partner hunting is a strong instrument to enhance customer revenue—hunting new partners for the customer, pitching the customer solution to the potential partner, and handing over new partners to the Partner Manager for onboarding.

Partner onboarding

It is the process of supporting partners with onboarding, training and defining the go-to-market strategy to establish a sustainable partner program. This ensures targeting the right market segment and accordingly meeting customer revenue targets.

Partner management

The process of providing partners with the skills and knowledge they need to become successful resellers of customer products and services.

Partner certification programs are a proven effort, to assure customers that channel partners are well-versed with their portfolio and are qualified to sell their products and services. Partners, for their part, use vendor certifications to differentiate their services.

Partner enablement

We offer to support partners with everything they need, in order to represent the customer best and sell the respective products and services; this includes additional auxiliary means such as onboarding programs, technical support, solution playbooks, coaching, customer references and other tools & programs.

Channel ecosystem

Establish an appropriate channel strategy for the partners, help them implement it and contribute towards the sales quota. This will enhance sales through either a particular channel or combination of channels.

Channel sales consulting

Our experts help to develop the right channel solution and guide you through its creation. Will support in improving sales conversion rates across the channel ecosystem and help channel managers and partners to generate and qualify pipelines more effectively.

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