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Sep 8, 2021
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Randall Davis Executive Partner

5 Reasons to Hire a Sales Consulting Partner and Improve Sales Results of Your Software

Avoid the pitfalls of false savings


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In difficult times like these, hiring an outside sales consulting partner may seem like an unnecessary cost. Everyone must manage a budget, some companies are losing their market while others are working to make the most of or to find new growth opportunities. Whether you’re in a start-up trying to make the world better or a large-scale organization hiring hundreds of people, you may find yourself in need of redefining your sales strategy. Here are five reasons why hiring a sales consultancy service is more of an investment than the cost.

Reason no 1: New perspectives are beneficial. Take advantage of them.

Your company is all you’ve ever known, and it can be just as much an advantage as it is a detriment. You could get stuck in a rut with the methods you manage your business with and might not always see the opportunities. An outside sales consultant provides a fresh perspective, knowing what the market currently needs and brings a breadth of experience along with it. An advisor will assess your organization against the market needs: find the weak spots, diagnose the root causes for them and propose a solution. It might be as simple as providing your staff with additional training, revamping the rhetoric directed towards your customers or finding new channels of communication.

You need to lead by example, and that includes learning from those who might know better than you in some areas. When you show your staff that you are open to new ideas and want to improve your business for all, they will commit as well. Take it as an intangible asset, if you will, that will pay off in the future as a result of your work with a consultant.

Pro tip: Find a consultancy partner with a proven track record of successful transformations. Ask for case studies they worked on, their client’s starting points as well as their achievements.

Reason no 2: Micromanaging can hurt your business. Delegate when needed.

As a leader of an organization, you have your plate full. If you’re thinking about changing the scope of operations in the sales department, you might need someone whose sole focus will be to make that transition go as smoothly as possible. A knowledgeable consultant will let you take care of all the other aspects of running your company while keeping all the involved parties informed and engaged. If you’re going through a tough time and struggling to scale the sales revenue  of your business, it’s time to trust someone who understands its core.

Oftentimes being a great leader means handing the torch of a department to someone who will make it run more efficiently and ultimately help you reach the goals you set out for.

The above goes for both the experienced market sellers and the start-ups who are still building the foundation of the organization. In the latter case, a sales consultant will guide you into this new area of expertise, showing you the opportunities for revenue growth out there and the challenges that are bound to come your way. If you’re only starting out, don’t be tempted to think that software sales are just another thing you do, and social media marketing will solely do the trick. You need to invest time and money in designing the sales process that is tailor-made for your business.

Pro tip: a consultant will be open to listening to your concerns. It’s only natural that you might have plenty of questions, especially at the beginning of the process. They will never leave you without an answer and will be able to explain their train of thought clearly.

Reason no 3: Your organization is unique. Find your strengths and weaknesses.

There might be plenty of organizations like yours. In reality, though, each one is a unique organism. That uniqueness stems from the people who work for you, your background, your internal policies. It makes your customers choose your product or service over others’. And like all unique organisms, your company needs a bespoke approach. You might feel tempted to do things just like others. On the surface, it seems to cost less. However, while learning from others’ mistakes is handy, taking in too much could pose additional risks.What worked for them will not always work for you. There are subtle differences between two very similar businesses, which you might not take into account.

A change is never easy, and it requires a hard look at your company’s root concerns with a fresh eye and turning them to your advantage. Instead of replicating the steps and methods of operation of others, hire someone whose primary focus will be the betterment of your company.

Pro tip: a good consultancy partner will have a portfolio of clients boasting different sized businesses and a breadth of challenges to overcome. Look for a partner that has experience in providing tailored solutions

Reason no 4: Vast experience is key. We have it.

You may know your product or service from the inside out and believe in it but improving the sales processes requires that specific know-how that does not come from textbooks. A great sales consultant is a true field expert, which means they can match your services to the needs of end consumers. It may involve recommending implementing additional channels of communication, such as apps and chatbots to create more sales opportunities or something as big as changing the target market altogether.

An experienced advisor can also adjust your business to the ever-changing market out there, i.e. simplify the processes or the opposite – make them even more demanding. The latter may seem overwhelming at first, but with a true expert by your side, you’re not alone for the ride. Redefining your market operations will not only bring revenue but help you learn how to create opportunities for yourself in the future.

Pro tip: a good consultant knows when to expand the sales processes or when to scale down or outsource. Your business is their priority, and they’re able to combine (perhaps with some adjustments) the market needs to your organizational culture and the way you conduct your business.

Reason no 5: The complexity of it all. Let’s navigate through it together.

Developing or transforming sales processes in a company is not an easy task. It requires knowledge and engagement from all departments whilst selling the idea to the staff. A sales expert knows how to conduct the transition in a way that is as painless as possible. Representatives of different areas need to work together to drive results, and a consultant will tell you how to do that.

Combining the efforts of marketing, operations and sales departments (to name a few) will create a more consistent strategy with which your customers will go along.

Pro tip: look for a consultant that knows more than just sales. Using resources from various departments to drive customer engagement should be their bread and butter.

Hiring a sales consultant can benefit your business in many ways if you opt for a professional. Their goal is to make your organization sell more and better so that you can serve your customers as best as possible and be more efficient within the same sales forces, and so that you can find opportunities for your business to grow in the future. In this day and age, only bold leaders, open to new opportunities, can survive in the market and compete with new players.


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Randall Davis
Randall Davis
Executive Partner

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