Additional Services

Thanks to our additional services, you will get the knowledge and expertise to build global sales teams that utilize the latest technologies to deliver the best results.

Employer of record

Are you looking to:

  • Planning to enter new markets, but you do not have a legal entity or the local market expertise to hire talent? Do you want to trial different markets first to estimate their potential for your solutions?
  • Strengthen the diversity and build a truly global team by accessing talent from all over the world, not just the country your company is based in?
  • Striving to realize cost eficiency for your company, by hiring talent in more cost-efficient countries?
  • Why not attracting and retaining the best talent, by offering remote work and work-from-anywhere in the world benefit?
  • Planning to hire an employee from abroad and need to bridge the relocation time?
  • Trying to turn your best freelancers into permanent employees?

Salescode will help you accomplish all this via the Employer of Record service. We will take care of all the paperwork, tax work and payroll management, while the actual management of employees stays with you. All holistically compliant with local employment legislation – no surprises with resulting penalties due to incompliance.

Build operate transfer

Is your company looking to rapidly establish a new sales organization, expand your existing sales organization, or add a new sales team in a different geographic location that needs more time, capital, or expertise?

Salescode offers a flexible collaboration model consisting of building, operating and ultimately transferring an established and performing sales team that has been recruited, onboarded, trained, and managed by Salescode for an agreed period of time. With BOT, we don't just help you solve your problems. We work hand in hand with you to build and operate sales teams at maximum efficiency. Thus, we strive to transfer (fully or partially) a fully ramped team at your convenience, so you can thrive independently at the heart of our commitment.

Technical Consultant Pre Sales

Technical Consulting / Pre-Sales services aim to provide technical support to potential prospects as well as existing customers. Demonstrating the solution is one of the most essential parts of the sales process. Depending on the solution's (technical) complexity, it makes more sense to include a technical consultant to perform.

Data Intelligence

Our Data Intelligence Service for B2B Tech Sales is designed to revolutionize how tech companies approach sales. By harnessing the power of data, we provide actionable insights and strategic guidance to drive growth and maximize revenue.

We discover hidden patterns and trends within your target market through advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms. This process allows us to identify high-potential leads, prioritize sales efforts, and personalize outreach strategies for maximum impact.

Our service goes beyond traditional lead generation methods by offering deep insights into customer behavior, preferences, and pain points. With this knowledge, your sales team can engage prospects with tailored messaging and solutions, enhancing conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Data validation and enrichment

Is your internal account or contact database inaccurate and missing information? Are your sales teams in need of some extra hands to support them with account and lead enrichment? Do you want to liberate capacities, so they can dedicate their time to higher-value sales activities such as customer engagement, deal development, and closing? Are your internal sales operations teams necessitating more accurate or complete data to enable Go-to-Market and sales strategy planning?

Salescode can put a solution in place for you in no time – a temporary or permanent Data Enrichment team specialized in enriching your internal account database, validating the accuracy of your data, and enriching your database and leads with additional information critical for your organization.

Field sales

Field sales are significant for companies that have complex or high-priced products. Field sales reps identify prospects, make contact, pursue leads, and ultimately, close the deal. Outside sales reps are always meeting clients face-to-face and initiating interactions. They spend time nurturing leads and aligning products with the prospect’s pain points. Field sales reps will build strong relationships with customers to provide better customer service and get more loyal customers.

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