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May 5, 2022
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Brett Leonard Vice President of Worldwide Sales

Effectively Implementing Sales Outsourcing For Market Expansion

Less risk and more security utilizing sales outsourcing to reach new markets

Finding the right strategy for your market expansion is critical for becoming a successful SaaS business. If sales have slowed or you’ve become established in your current market, expanding (internationally) is the next option for continued revenue growth.

When looking for market expansion opportunities, one of the biggest challenges is scaling up a sales team without hindering your current business development activities or bumbling your budget by hiring double the sales team.

Let’s look at your soundest option to reach new markets for your SaaS solution.

How sales outsourcing can help you reach new markets

When expanding overseas, your leading options are diverting your current sales team efforts, building a new team from scratch, or utilizing sales outsourcing support. If you choose to spread your current sales team across multiple markets, the potential risks can affect the team's effectiveness and adversely impact sales in your existing markets. 

A cost-effective and fast to implement option is sales outsourcing, which allows you to quickly scale up your sales team in new markets, improve the effectiveness of market penetration, and promptly scale down if needed.

So what are the reasons you should outsource your sales activities to reach new markets?

Lower costs for new sales teams

Implementing an outsourced sales team is a great way to reduce the costs associated with finding and training new salespeople, which can take months, especially if you’re looking for salespeople in another country or a vastly different market that you’re trying to enter.

You don’t need to find physical space for them or pay for training or equipment. No benefits need to be paid out or accounted for when your sales team isn’t in-house. You also don’t have to deal with sales executive turnover or backfilling, which can quickly become quite costly and time-consuming.

With a sales solutions vendor-partner, you pay a specified price for results, and there are no surprises in your costs for your outsourced sales team.

Scale your sales team up and down quickly

When utilizing sales outsourcing for market expansion, you can quickly scale up and down a fully functional sales team with existing experience in that market using previously worked methods. You get fast and accurate results in how a new market will perform for your service.

Along with a shorter time to market, outsourcing sales services to attain new markets also carries extra flexibility. It allows you to scale back down if there are unexpected challenges in the market or shift the focus to a new market or team using different methods or sales channels.

Lead generation in multiple markets

To drive into multiple new markets, you can employ sales outsourcing to establish initial contact with your prospects, connect with new customers interested in your service, and target various markets or different sales channels through other outsourced sales teams.

It allows you to get the most promising leads from each market or sales channel instead of having your in-house sales team working on lead generation in markets they don’t yet know. Once the initial contact has been achieved and prospects qualified, the outsourced sales teams can hand off to a senior in-house sales team that can close on the customer.

Sales outsourcing provides expertise in the local markets

Each market has its particularities. Culture, language, and local competition should be considered when expanding to new countries. Outsourcing companies know the local environments and have experience and expertise in getting business results.

Using sales outsourcing for market expansion also means you can test out different sales channels and strategies for a specific market and get the best results without further training your sales team. You can pull in the right sales experts to your team and leverage their knowledge, networks, and contacts.

Sales outsourcing provides accountability

When working with a sales outsourcing company, you should pay rates established to achieve set targets and contractual obligations. If your vendor-partner doesn’t deliver on pipeline or revenue associated to thier execution issues, they are financially at risk. They should have skin in the game to accomplish and consistently deliver results. This also benefits when working towards market expansion. The sales outsourcing team will be laser-focused on producing results and offering alternative methods or ideas to adjust to how sales are going.

Suppose specific sales channels aren’t working, or the promotion methods aren’t effective. In that case, it’s more likely that an outsourced team will come back with new options to enhance your sales in the new market, based on their previous and current experiences.

Should you choose sales outsourcing?

Sales outsourcing is typically best utilized when you’re working towards market expansion. The outsourced sales team should be the closest extension of your current sales team to augment existing sales, test new markets, products or services, and implement new channels to see whether they’re effective for your business.

One considerable benefit when expanding into new markets is that an outsourced sales team will be familiar with specific market demands and perspective needs. Moreover, they will be aware of cultural and linguistic nuances and sales methods required to achieve the expected results.

Overall, outsourcing sales means lowering risks while pragmatically and securely scaling market expansion. You’ll be able to scale up your sales team with experienced sales professionals in new markets and channels without the increased time and cost required to extend your in-house team.

A proven and reliable partner to expand to new markets

Utilizing the experience of an outsourced sales provider allows you to get faster and more secure results. Still, it’s essential to choose a vendor partner with sales expertise in your industry. At Salescode, we work exclusively with SaaS businesses to facilitate growth by building top-tier revenue generation teams.

If you’re looking for a strategic partner to help you gain market share in new countries, connect with us, and let’s see how we can help!

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