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Nov 16, 2021
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7 Keys To Ensure AEs And SDRs Collaborate Better And Close More Deals

Undoubtedly, sales is a team sport. To build a strong pipeline, you must ensure smooth collaboration between Account Executives and SDRs. 

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Here are 7 keys to ensure AEs and SDRs collaborate better and close more deals:

  1. Pairing matters: identify ICPs that both SDRs and AE are excited to pursue. 
  2. Establish clear processes: the handoff prerequisites and steps must be clearly outlined.
  3. Communication: debrief after each sales call and assess improvement areas.
  4. Enforce proper CRM use: don’t rely on emails, paper notes or calls to share information.
  5. Use the right metrics: in lead generation, focus on quality and not quantity.
  6. Hold one-to-one meetings: plan a time to realign on the accounts to pursue.
  7. Create a culture of coaching: AEs should support SDRs in improving their sales skills.

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