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Nov 9, 2021
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Social Selling For SaaS Reps

Social selling is not only for marketers. If you sell software, you better start using social media in your sales process. Your buyers are right here, don’t miss out on opportunities to connect with them!

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Here are some hot recommendations from our global social selling experts:

It’s not about hard selling here. The key to successful social selling is sharing knowledge and providing real value to your readers. Curating insightful content about your industry will also help you establish credibility.

Sharing opinions and ideas on social media will help prospects relate to you on a more genuine level. Engaging with potential customers in an authentic way, and discussing opinions will help create a human connection outside the business sphere.

If your software offers a free trial period, this is the best time to start interacting with prospects. Show you care about them making the most of your solution and reach out to offer your guidance.

In an era where most of the sale is done remotely, it’s essential to find new ways to get to know your customers. Connecting with decision makers on social media might be the next best option to build trusted relationships with prospects and clients.

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