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Mar 2, 2022
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4 Major Signs To Know You Have Achieved The Ideal Product-Market Fit

For your business it is vital to know if you have achieved the ideal Product-Market fit. But how do you know?

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There are 4 major signs to know you have achieved the ideal Product-Market fit:

  1. Exponential growth: High levels of conversions, engagement, and sales.
  2. High user retention: You retain at least 40% of your customers in the long run.
  3. Return on acquisition costs: Your customer lifetime value is at least 3x your CAC.
  4. Customer survey: 40% of customers will be very disappointed if they cannot use your solution anymore.

What is Product-Market fit anyway?

When you find your Product-Market fit, you know you are in the right market, for the right users.

Your business grows exponentially, by word of mouth. It’s the moment your SaaS reaches momentum and sales are booming, you almost cannot keep up with the demand.

Not your case?

If your free trial users are not using your software, sales cycles are slow, or you don’t have a crystal clear buyer identity, you might need to work on your Product-Market fit. 

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