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Mar 12, 2024
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Julien de Vonarkha-Varnak Director Global Sales

Crunching the Numbers: Why High Sales Team Costs Are Holding You Back in B2B Tech Sales

How Excessive Sales Team Expenses Hinder B2B Tech Sales Success

B2B Tech sales requires a careful tango between controlling expenses and optimizing income. One significant factor that often tips the scales is the high cost of maintaining an in-house sales team.

Costs and quality control

68% of businesses cite high operational costs as the primary challenge in maintaining an in-house sales team.

Businesses spend an average of 20-30% of their total revenue on sales team expenses.

The Challenge: Skyrocketing Sales Team Costs

Running a sales team is no small feat. The costs can quickly skyrocket from salaries, benefits and social charges to training programs and infrastructure. B2B Tech sales is intense, where innovation moves at the speed of light. Keeping a team up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies is a continuous investment.

Here's where the challenge arises. While a skilled and knowledgeable sales team is crucial, the burden of high costs can restrict growth and hinder the adaptability needed in the B2B Tech Industry.

The Impact: Lack of Growth and Innovation

Budget constraints
A significant portion of the budget dedicated to sales often goes into maintaining, managing, and developing the team, leaving limited resources for strategic initiatives, marketing, and product development.

The Solution: Here comes sales outsourcing, a tactical turn that has the potential to alter how B2B Tech sales teams can improve your efficiency.

Access to diverse talent: Sales outsourcing opens the door to a global talent pool with diverse skill sets. This infusion of expertise can bring fresh perspectives, innovative sales techniques, and proficiency in generating incremental pipeline or closing deals.

Limited scalability: Recruiting, training, and onboarding new team members to scale up operations is time-consuming and capital-intensive. All the efforts to make new employees productive restrict the agility needed to respond swiftly to market demands.

Cost efficiency: Outsourcing sales functions means shedding the overhead costs of in-house teams. This cost efficiency allows businesses to allocate resources strategically, fostering growth initiatives and product development.

Focus on core competencies: Freeing up internal teams from sales functions enables them to concentrate on core business activities, such as product development, innovation, and strategic planning.

Risk aversion: The fear of high operational costs can make businesses risk-averse. This aversion restrains experimentation and hinders expansions into new markets or innovative sales approaches.

Scalability on demand: With outsourced teams, scalability becomes a breeze. Whether you need to scale up during peak seasons or scale down in quieter periods, the flexibility is at your fingertips without the hassle of recruiting and training.

Mitigating risks: The risks associated with hiring and training in-house teams are shared with the outsourcing partner. This shared responsibility provides a safety net, ensuring targets are met without the burden falling solely on the business.

Companies utilizing outsourced sales teams witness a 23% reduction in operational costs compared to those relying solely on in-house teams.

Harnessing the Potential of Sales Outsourcing with Salescode

Crunching the numbers often reveals that there might be more efficient paths than the conventional approach of maintaining a high-cost, in-house sales team. Salescode is bringing you a cost-saving strategy – sales outsourcing – and a transformative force that can drive growth, enhance scalability, and inject innovation into your sales game. It's time to rethink the numbers and explore the untapped potential of outsourcing in the B2B Tech sales arena.

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Julien de Vonrkha Varnak
Julien de Vonarkha-Varnak
Director Global Sales

With his vast experience in the sales and Inside Sales industry, Julien is globally acquiring new customers and winning projects for Salescode. Mostly engaging in high headcount project bids, he is the first wave of expertise, when working with Salescode. Knowing all global markets he is our go-to-professional for strategy and structure to generate value for our clients.

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