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May 28, 2024
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Julien de Vonarkha-Varnak Director Global Sales

Understanding Salescode's 100% Performance-Based Collaboration Model

Revolutionizing B2B Tech sales with a risk-free approach

Companies constantly seek innovative solutions for growth and scalability without significant investments and risks. Salescode, the leading B2B Sales Partner for Tech companies, has introduced a ground-breaking collaboration model to address these challenges. This article explores how Salescode's 100% Pay-for-Performance model works and the benefits it offers to tech companies.

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The New Collaboration Model

Salescode's model stands out for its unique approach. It's not just performance-based, it's entirely so. This means that clients only incur costs once incremental revenue is generated through Salescode's referred or acquired end-customers. Let's delve into the distinctive features of this model and how it sets itself apart from traditional sales approaches.

Traditional Sales Approach

Traditionally, building a sales team involves significant upfront investment. Companies need to:  

  • Hire, onboard, and train new sales personnel
  • Invest in overhead and support functions
  • Develop and manage the sales team while continuously working on process improvements

These steps require substantial time and financial resources and come with inherent risks. The return on this investment is still being determined, as it is difficult to predict how successful the new sales efforts will be.

Salescode's Performance-Based Approach

Salescode's performance-based model eliminates these risks. Here's how it works:

No Required Budget: Clients do not pay any entry costs or fixed retainers to deploy the sales team.

Results-Driven Compensation: Salescode is only compensated when the expected results are delivered, and incremental revenue is generated through their sales efforts.

This model reflects Salescode's commitment to taking risks from its clients and providing the best guarantee of success. By investing directly in the client's growth, Salescode aligns its success with its clients.

Focus on the Tech Industry

Salescode specifically partners with B2B companies offering 'X as a service' solutions or hardware products. This focused approach ensures that Salescode's expertise is effectively applied to the unique challenges and opportunities within the tech industry.

How the Model Works

  1. Engage & Pitch: Tech companies pitch their solutions and growth ambitions to Salescode.
  2. Sales Approach Development: Salescode works with the client to understand their ideal customer profile (ICP) and available historical data to decide on the next steps.
  3. Business Case and Contract: Together, they create a business case, define a commercial model, finalize the initial team setup, and sign a contract.
  4. Implementation: Salescode handles hiring, onboarding, and deploying the sales team, integrating them into their specialized sales operations.
  5. Execution and Management: After a joint training period, the sales team goes live, with Salescode managing daily activities, people development, and ensuring achievements.

The Benefits of the 100% Pay For Performance Model

  • Risk-Free Scaling: Clients can generate incremental revenue without the financial risk typically associated with such endeavors.
  • Performance Alignment: Salescode's interests are directly aligned with those of its clients, driving mutual success and growth.
  • Global Reach: With extensive global experience, Salescode can help tech companies scale globally into new markets.


Salescode's 100% Pay-for-Performance collaboration model offers a revolutionary approach to tech sales. By removing investments and financial risks, this model provides tech companies with a unique opportunity to scale their sales efforts efficiently. This innovative model not only demonstrates Salescode's commitment to its clients' success but also sets a new standard for performance-driven sales strategies.

For tech companies seeking to expand into new markets or scale their operations effortlessly, Salescode's model offers a promising and, importantly, risk-free path to growth. Partnering with Salescode means having a dedicated, expert team invested in achieving outstanding sales results, without the worry of financial risks.

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Julien de Vonrkha Varnak
Julien de Vonarkha-Varnak
Director Global Sales

With his vast experience in the sales and Inside Sales industry, Julien is globally acquiring new customers and winning projects for Salescode. Mostly engaging in high headcount project bids, he is the first wave of expertise, when working with Salescode. Knowing all global markets he is our go-to-professional for strategy and structure to generate value for our clients.

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