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Sep 3, 2020
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Randall Davis Executive Partner

3 Essentials of Sales Momentum

Master Them All and Close More Deals

We have all been there – you just finished your forecast call, and the sales forecast has not progressed. The sales team has been active with meetings, calls, and e-mails unfortunately the team is not any closer to meeting the revenue goal or even worse — things have gone backward. Yes, forward sales momentum has been lost.

Recently we conducted a survey, which showed that 58% of companies identified that Maintaining Sales Momentum is the biggest selling challenge within the B2B SaaS market.

Sales momentum


What is sales momentum? Simply put, sales momentum is the combination of how many sales engagements can take place and the forward speed of those engagements between the salesperson and the customer. Not enough of either one — revenue slows down and so does the team.

The best thing about momentum is that it builds; it grows and becomes the culture of the organization.

3 Key Points to Maintaining Sales Momentum:

  1. Quantity and Quality of sales leads — a strong flow from marketing combined with a capable Sales Development team — keeps your sales team focused on the right opportunities. 

    Companies with aligned Marketing and Sales can achieve up to 38% higher sales win rates. [Review42]

  2. Pipeline and Process — clear criteria and actions for every stage of the sales process – keep the pipeline moving with a defined and clear sequence of events that drives the opportunity forward.

    90% of buyers willing to engage sellers earlier if the salesperson could provide specific value. [CSO Insights]

  3. Velocity — constant evaluation of how quickly opportunities move through the pipeline, understand what slows things down and eliminate it.

    77% of B2B buyers state that their latest purchase was very complex or difficult. [Gartner]

A consistent and on-going cycle of measuring, investigating, and adjusting your sales process will allow you to build and maintain sales momentum. By defining stages of your pipeline and setting up all steps and triggers, you will be able to detect any issues along the way and react accordingly earlier in the sales cycle.

If you need a trustworthy sales partner that will help, you to build a healthy pipeline tailored to your SaaS business, as well as an expert who will keep and drive sales momentum for you, contact us and book a meeting with our specialist.

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Randall Davis
Randall Davis
Executive Partner

With more than 20 years of experience within the Industry, Randall is our Salescode Expert in developing high growth sales strategies, highly performing global teams and robust channel partnerships to increase topline revenue generation, bottom line profitability and enhanced client satisfaction.

He has a track record of establishing clear value propositions, driving efficient operational excellence through business transformation and building team synergies. Having a sharp focus on sales enablement & execution, building a performance-oriented culture amongst a remarkably diverse and talented team, he is continually finding solutions to new problems that you have never encountered before, with relentless resourcefulness, grit, proactivity, and ability to make things happen against all the odds.

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