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Jul 12, 2021
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5 Rules To A Software Demo That Makes Customers Buy Your Product

A software demo is a core part of any software company’s marketing and sales materials. 

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How to give a convincing demo that will move you closer to finalizing deals?

  1. Prepare and customize: Each demo should be crafted for a specific audience. Ask for the prospect’s business challenges and goals prior to the demo and customize the content accordingly.
  2. Focus on significant features only: A demo is not a tutorial or a tour of your software’s features. Keep in mind that this is a sales call, and focus on 2 or 3 value propositions.
  3. Tell the customer’s story: Relate every feature you show to the customer’s potential problems. Use real-life examples and plausible data to project the prospect in using your solution.
  4. Don’t ignore unexpected events: If an error message or a bug occurs, deal with it. Ignoring bugs leads to loss of trust and eventually a missed sale. Explain to the prospect why the error occurred and move on with your demo.
  5. Close the deal: Summarize the demo, address any questions and establish the next steps. This could be a proof of concept, a proposal, or another demo with a decision-maker.

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