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Apr 27, 2022
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5 Steps To Benchmark Your Sales Team

Gain and maintain a competitive edge with sales benchmarking. Benchmarking allows you to assess your current state, define a strategy for the future, and guide your efforts towards continuous improvement.

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How to benchmark your sales team in 5 steps?

Each SaaS business has a unique configuration and therefore will need to focus on different metrics.

  1. Common benchmarks for sales functions include: Sales productivity, sales time, sales investment and expenses, sales readiness, and sales compensation.
  2. Collect internal data: This data should give you a detailed and clear understanding of how your sales team performs today. Most of the data can be found in existing systems such as: CRM, finance systems, HR and payroll systems as well as sales management teams.
  3. Collect external data: To obtain a competitive advantage, your organization should understand how it performs against the competition. You can find data about businesses in your industry in multiple sources: Internet research, market research, trade associations, and research firms.
  4. Compare: Compare internal and external data to determine areas where you might be underperforming. This will help identify opportunities for functional ameliorations in your business.
  5. Define actions to take: Develop a plan to catch up on competition. Make sure any action you take is measured and improved over time to guarantee effectiveness.

Benchmarking can be a single exercise, but you’ll get more value if it becomes an ongoing practice in your business.

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