Tech and SaaS sales best practices
May 3, 2022
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Digital Sales Enablement

Empower your team with the right tools, content, and methodology to sell remotely

People and SaaS

You need to know about Digital Sales Enablement.

Software purchases were once solely the responsibility of the CIO. But now, SaaS sales are shifting towards a B2C looking model, where end users have the power to research, test and purchase their own technology.

Business users want solutions that are easy to try and can be purchased with minimal sales touches. This means your business development team must be equipped with tools and processes that facilitate remote and digital sales…

… and that’s exactly what Digital Sales Enablement is:

Empowering your team to have better sales conversation and conversions remotely.

After pointing out the importance of providing a sales team with the right tools, content, and processes to effectively engage buyers remotely. Let's proceed with the keys to successfl digital collaboration.

Here are the 3 pillars of digital collaboration in sales:

1. Content accessibility and creation

Your sales rep should be able to easily search and find the right content, for the right buyer, at the right time. You must have a central repository with high impact documents that help move the business forward.

Take it a step further and enable reps to create compelling content and distribute it across the team.

2. Remote team collaboration

It can be challenging to create synergies and flowing communication when working remotely. Make sure you avoid any hassle collaborating between timezones and departments with the right technology.

Implement tools that include both real-time (e.g. meetings and phone calls) and asynchronous communication (e.g. chat, message boards).

3. Anywhere, anytime, any device

Cloud technology has enabled distributed workforces to access all company files and relevant work materials. All they need is a stable internet connection to work effectively and securely.

Ensure your team members have enough broadband in their local network to collaborate and avoid any potential issues.

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